The Two Top Seven Lists of Bicycle Polo

Top Seven Reasons Why Bike Polo is Better than Horse Polo

1. While a horse has a mind of its own, a bicycle always does what you tell it to do.

2. A string of horses are needed for polo, but only one bike needed for bicycle polo.

3. Different horses require different mallet lengths while you only need one mallet in a bicycle seat since you can adjust its height.

4. You can transport bicycles in the trunk or on the roof of your car but you can not do this with a horse.

5. Bicycles eat much less than horses.

6. You can leave your bicycle in the corner of your garage for months or even years, and with a little Armor-all and WD-40, you can make it good as new.

7. They are much easier to clean up after.

Top Seven Reasons Why Bike Polo is Better than Road Biking and Mountain Biking

1. It’s not easy to go mountain biking if you don’t live in or nearby the mountains; meanwhile, almost everyone has a football field around their neighborhood.

2. There’s no need to carry your drinks on your bike and you are never more than 100 yards from a cooler.

3. There’s no need to carry all kinds of tools and they are always a few yards away.

4. Polo bikes don’t need all that expensive suspension as the field should be relatively smooth.

5. Polo bikes needs nothing more than one gear, although sometimes it is nice to have a little riding to the field.

6. You never have to carry your bike more than a few yards. There is also very little chance of being hit by a car.

7. You get to play a game rather than going for a ride. Hitting the ball is also a great way to take out your aggression.