Bike polo players flock to Victoria for Winter Mixer tournament

What do traditional polo and hard-court bike polo have uncommon?

Each sports activities use mallets and helmets, but the similarities forestall there. Horses are replaced with the aid of bikes, fields are changed through asphalt courts and the rules are very one-of-a-kind, participant Ryan Harris explained.

“Polo is surely less expensive on a motorbike too,” he said with fun. He owns Recyclistas motorbike store which changed into one of the tournament’s sponsors.

The sport started approximately 10 years ago whilst people used bikes to exercise for classic polo, however hard-courtroom polo made its respectable debut in Seattle inside the early 2000s, he explained.

Nov. nine marked day one of the Winter Mixer. players milled around the tennis court docket-turned motorcycle polo court docket ready to play while reggae track and rain crammed the air.

The gamers have been shuffled randomly into seven groups of 3 for 15 minute games – ordinary for motorbike polo, Harris defined. some other variant would have six gamers to a group with video games lasting up to at least one hour.

The video games take location in an enclosed rectangle with a intention at every give up.

Players who touch their foot to the floor – additionally known as a “dab” – have to tap out by using touching their mallet to a dot spray painted at the boards midway between each intention, Harris explained.

Players got here from throughout North the us – from Montreal to Calgary and down to Seattle – to play inside the annual match.

Robert “Robbie forums” Taylor got here all the way from East Vancouver to wait – as he has each yr due to the fact 2011. He enjoys playing in Victoria because there’s a robust sense of camaraderie.

”[Victoria] brings out the goodness in all of us,” Taylor stated.

No longer most effective does Taylor play inside the match, but he additionally builds the forums for the make-shift courts – which is how he got his nickname.

Taylor’s teammate for the weekend, Chris Hamersly, travelled from Seattle to wait the iciness Mixer.

Hamersly, who’s been gambling for 10 years, become in Argentina for the arena’s match returned in September representing the Cascadia area – Vancouver Island right down to Portland. His crew ranked third in the world.

He performs to get better and tour. He mentioned that there’s a steep mastering curve for novices and that at the same time as it can look intense, it’s amusing, and those with revel in are usually willing to assist out.

The Winter Mixer continues on Sunday and parents are welcome to come down to watch, Taylor referred to.

“Lots of humans assume its very dangerous, however it’s certainly not that risky,” Harris said. “I suppose football and quite a few other sports activities are in reality lots greater dangerous.”

He emphasized that Victoria bike Polo is always searching out new gamers. The group meets every Wednesday on the Fernwood community Centre from 8 p.m. to midnight. No equipment or experience is needed as oldsters are welcoming and satisfied to percentage, Harris mentioned.