I don’t think I’ll ever pretty overlook seeing the game of bike polo for the first time. I don’t forget being on the Downtown Farmers market years in the past and looking over on the tennis courts with a million questions. There had been bikes with defensive coverings over the spokes, which made them hypnotically exciting to observe. Riders rode with mallets, concurrently competing in an extreme, speedy-paced recreation. It become the Beehive bike Polo club in all in their grassroots glory. The Hive have emerge as one of the most groups of polo players within the USA and were increasing the presence.

I recognize what you’re questioning—how on the planet do i am getting on with those maniacs, driving bikes, wielding mallets and smacking a ball around? properly, according to fundamental participants Anthony Woo and Treasurer Eryn Sacro, all you have to do is show up to the Jordan Park courts ready to move, with open hands to simply accept what lies beforehand. if you visit Beehive motorcycle Polo’s website, you may get a lay of the land of the game and some gear you could want to choose up. From there, the sport goes—with out a set positions—with a common aim in thoughts, to hit the ball into the opposing crew’s net. It’s rapid-paced, however with the guide of different players and the club as a whole, freshmen are usually welcome to try their hand.

“You can both be a surely critical player who wants to get involved in all the tournaments and tour and excel inside the leagues, or you may take the laid-back approach, and have a laugh and drink beers with your friends.”

The Beehive motorbike Polo club’s common turnout is more or less 30 consistent contributors in line with gathering. New and old faces drop in periodically, and there are masses of humans to get you going within the right course. With the recent flow to a regular, safe and relaxed vicinity to play at Jordan Park in late 2017, the membership has been taking advantage of the privilege by means of preserving numerous tournaments including the imminent NAH Southwest regional Qualifier tournament right here in Salt Lake town. The creation of polo courts at Jordan Park have had a big effect on the success of not simplest the motorbike polo club however also the wider network. The courts encourage a few different leagues and the public, in trendy, to get involved and get outdoor.

Gamers can take the sport as a ways as they want. “you could either be a simply critical player who desires to get concerned in all of the tournaments and tour and excel inside the leagues, or you may take the laid-lower back approach, and feature amusing and drink beers with your friends,” says Sacro. .
Having a treasurer, however, offers the membership the stableness to run some funds and help grow the membership, as they did when offered a supply from the Utah ZAP program for the primary section of their courts’ conversion. “some other last intention we’ve is to start our adolescents bike polo software,” says Woo.

Beehive Bike Polo club attribute a variety of their achievement to its tight-knit network. no longer handiest do they compete and play polo together however they may be additionally in reality tremendous pals as properly. Bringing an open mind and open fingers to the sport is also some thing that has contributed to its success. “we’ve got a group of WTF (girls, trans, femme) contributors, and [we] quite lots welcome absolutely everyone to play. whether you’re non secular or now not, or sober or no longer, simply show up and be satisfactory, and you’ve a place to play right here,” says Woo. The Beehive motorcycle Polo membership’s notoriety also comes from the determination of the participants inside the membership. Woo and Sacro both point out some of the club’s participants, which include Tina Medley Greene and David “Dove” Barthod as some of their extra experienced and essential participants to the membership.