Sponsorship Shoutout #9: High Cotton Brewing! High Cotton will be providing the brews for the registration party on Friday, so come thirsty, y’all! We’ve got two kegs of delicious, locally-brewed beer for ya – the first little taste of south in yo’ mouth for the weekend.

Sponsorship Shoutout #8: Whole Foods Market Poplar! Whole Foods has generously donated food for breakfast on Sunday, so make sure you get to the courts on time to enjoy some all-natural, delicious food! Food is fuel for your body, so you’re gonna get out what you put in – make it good stuff!! Goals powered by mother earth!

Sponsorship Shoutout #7!  Origin8​ makes the stuff that keeps your bike GOIN’: affordable parts that don’t skimp on quality.  Origin8’s parts, components and accessories are beefy enough to keep you going even when polo puts a hurtin’ on ‘em – they’ve donated a veritable cornucopia of prizes, and we can’t wait to give ’em away!

Sponsorship Shoutout #6! Velocity and polo go way back at this point, from people converting their old fixed-gears and Deep-Vs to polo to the venerable Chukker – bit of trivia, did you know that a “Chukker” is the equivalent of a period in horse polo? Anyways, Velocity makes great rims for every occasion and we’re happy to have their support. Most of our club have used their rims at some point, if not currently – just check out our club’s photos and you’ll see ‘em all over the place! Show ’em some love!


Sponsor Shoutout #1!
We’ve got a ton of sponsors that we want to thank and highlight in the time leading up to the tournament, and who better to start out with thanFixcraft?! You know ‘em, you love ’em. Their support of bike polo is unparalleled and they’re always driving the sport to new levels. Get on it!