Sponsorship Shoutout #26: ONE to ONE Print Shop! Your go-to shirt-maker for polo – whether for your team, event, or just ‘cus, run by polo players! Winning team this weekend will get a team shirt printed for free! You think it up, they’ll print it.

Sponsorship Shoutouts #23-25: MOAR FEWD!!!  The Hot Mess Burritos​ Truck will be at the court on Saturday to fill you with burrito-y goodness!  We’ll also have a couple pans of good ol’ mac n’ cheese and hush puppies generously donated by Soul Fish Cafe’​!  And after playing on Saturday, MEMPopS​ will be in attendance at Memphis Made at 768 Cooper with a special for polo players, 2 for $5 homemade Popsicles!  OMG I’m hungry already…

Sponsorship Shoutout #22:  321 POLO!  Your OG source for Hardcourt Bike Polo News has donated a $100 giftcard towards the purchase of their very own frameset, The Enforcer!  Hard to believe it’s been five years!  Thank you so much!

Sponsorship Shoutout #21: Pinch Flat Mfg.!  Straight outta Missoula, Jeremy hand-makes and designs the craftiest of crafts – shirts, patches, leather goods and more.  We’re very excited to have a bevy of shirts to be able to give away from him, and some GLOW IN THA DARK patches!  Praise Polo!

Sponsorship Shoutout #20: Gnomeore Crafts by Funlola Coker!  Funlola made the trophy this year and it is AMAZING.  Know what else is amazing?  All the jewelry she makes!  Seriously go check out her page right now.  IT’S THE BEST.  And go buy something when she reopens her etsy in October, or make a custom order!

Sponsorship Shoutout #19:  Memphis Made Brewing Company!  After Swiss Rounds on Saturday, head straight over to Memphis Made for some tasty local libations – drink specials for polo players!  These guys love beer, and if you do too, CHECK ‘EM OUT!  Thanks y’all!

Sponsorship Shoutouts #15-18: FOOOOOOD! So many thanks to Simply Delicious Catering, Pho Binh, The Flour Garden, and The Slider Inn for providing nourishment! Simply Delicious is bringing you a heapin’ helpin’ of one of the things that Memphis is known for, BAR-B-Q!! Vegetarian? NO WORRIES. Pho Binh makes some of the tastiest Vietnamese tofu dishes in Memphis. And perhaps you’d like some dessert from The Flour Garden, featuring Memphis Bike Polo’s own Cara Notestine! Finally, relax at the tournament afterparty at The Slider Inn featuring drink specials and slider specials for polo players!

Sponsorship Shoutout #14: Jinxy Wheelcovers! Amanda has been making custom wheel covers since waaaaaay back in the day, and lemee tell ya, the ones she did for us look AWESOME. They’re printed with the Dead Elvis on our flyer, in color, and they’re totally drool-worthy. Less than a week until you have your shot to make ‘em yours! Thanks Amanda Wainscott! Wanna get your own? Check out her website!

Sponsorship Shoutout #13:  Knog!   Knog makes lights and locks that are perfect for urban cycling – need to change bikes?  No problem, their attachment systems are a breeze, PLUS super fresh colors.  OH AND DID YOU KNOW?!  They’re good for the environment too!  Their office is run on 100% windpower, 75% of their waste is recycled, and all of their travel is carbon offset.  But when it comes down to it, they just make a quality product that looks awesome and is actually affordable to boot.

Sponsorship Shoutout #12: Outdoors Inc!   THIS IS A BIG ONE, Y’ALL.  Outdoors went out of their way to support us in a HUGE way.  They are the main reason we’re going to be able to upgrade the back boards to 4 feet and keep all y’all’s shots from rocketing into the stratosphere.  While you’re in Memphis, CHECK ‘EM OUT.  They’ll be present at the tournament Saturday night, and of course if you need anything done to your bike they can help ya out at their shop.  WE LOVE OUTDOORS!!