History of Hardcourt Bikepolo

If you want to discover more about the history of Hardcourt Bikepolo, in this article, we would like to introduce a short summary about this sport. For more information, you can also find on wikipedia or on the NAH website.


    1999 – Hardcourt Bikepolo was born in Seattle.

    2001 – Game spreaded to the East Coast of the United States.

    2002 – The first club was born in the Axles of Evil, Portland, the US.

    2003 – Demonstration event at CMWC, Seattle, the US.

    2004 – First tournament. WSPI, Portland, the US.

    2005 – Tap Out rule is introduced.

    2006 – Bikepolo arrived to Europe.

    2008 – Bikepolo started spreading worldwide.

    – First North American championship in Chicago, the US.

    – First World championship in Toronto, Canada.

    – First Bikepolo-specific on-line forum was created: Bikepolo.ca, then Leagueofbikepolo.com.

    2009 – First European Championship in London, the United Kingdoms.

    – First FTW (Femme-Trans-Women) exclusive tournament was held  at Ladies Army, Vancouver, Canada.

    2010 – First World championship in Europe in Berlin, Germany.

    – First NAH-sanctioned ruleset was written.

    2011 – First European ruleset was written.

    – First tournament management tool was created: podiumbikepolo.com.

    – First permanent bikepolo specific court was built at Vancouver, Canada.

    – First mandatory Co-Ed tournament in Europe was played. Hell’s Belles Vol. 1. London, the UK.

    2012 – First European team (Call Me Daddy) to win World Championships.

    – First FTW exclusive tournament in Europe was played. Hell’s Belles Vol. 2, London, the UK.

    2013 – Bikepolo hit peak growth.

    2014 – EHBA (European Hardcourt Bikepolo Association) was created.

    2015 – First professional series was created. Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo, PHBP.

    – The crease was introduced.

    – Interference rule was introduced.

    2016 – First World championship in ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) region was held at Timaru, New Zealand.

    – First European championship in Squad format. Dominion Cup, Turin, IT.

    2017 – First North American championship in Squad format at Frederick, the US.

    – First World championship in Squad format at Lexington, the US.

    2018 – First EHBA-sanctioned ruleset was written.

    2019 – First World Championship in Latin America at Cordoba, AR.