Interesting Facts About Bike Polo

While bike polo may not be the world’s most well-known sport, it has slowly picked up in popularity in the law few years. This is due for a few reasons, one it requires your full body, so it doubles as a great exercise sport, it doesn’t have extensive rules that’ll take hours to memorise, and it’s not a heavily investing sport either – unless you’re playing in a team. However, you have to give people who play this spirt some serious credit as it requires intense focus to ride a bike without wobbling and properly and efficiently play the game.

If you’re wondering what bike polo is and what it entails, then you might be surprised to learn it’s an actual sport. While bike polo may not be as mainstream as football, bike polo has been around since 1891. It was created by an Irishman called Richard J. Mecredy who developed the idea of playing polo without the horses. While at first, the idea didn’t hit America, it becomes an instant hit as residents in Seattle began playing a variation of polo called Hardcourt Bike Polo, which bikes were used ad it was played on an asphalt court rather than the traditionally used grass court. Since then, which was 1999, bike polo has been around in America.

It’s a Worldwide Sport

Since bike polo is derived from regular polo, it’s no shocker that it is played across the globe. Since last year, there was a recorded number of 473 bike polo clubs in 56 counties. Each one having some kind of tournament or just playing for fun.

It was a featured sport in the Olympics

The Olympics is a sport galore for some people. Though it may be shocking to know that bike polo, which was called cycle polo was featured as one of the demonstration sports during the 1908 Olympics. During this match, Ireland managed to defeat Germany and win the gold medal. Although, the popularity of the sport declined greatly due to both World Wars occurring and wasn’t even thought of until about 72 years later.

Bike Polo Championship

Shockingly for some people, there is a championship for bike polo While this championship for hardcourt bike polo was only started in 2009, many fans of the sport, as well as players have tried to make sure that they can participate or view the action live. Teams are quailed after winning some of the pre-regionals and tournaments. Though, you may get a kick out of last year’s championship as The Beavers beat Call Me Daddy within an impressive 5-1 match.

Anyone can play, and anyone who can ride a bike and is willing to learn the rules of playing can play bike polo. There are teams of all ages, gender, and orientations who participate in bike polo. Bike polo is considered to be one of the most progressive sports around. This is why it has grown in popularity as well as with men and women across the globe.

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